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Staying in for dinner & a movie? Entertaining guests? Looking for a gift to please? We suggest MixCraft. No gritty ingredients to strain out, no chunks of dried yuck floating in your drink. (Plus, who wants a bottle with a dusty film coating the inside?) No added sugar—just fresh, incredible taste that comes from the highest-quality all-natural fruit & spices. Ingredients like bee pollen & elder flower? But of course. We even provide the funnel for bottle filling, so there’s no mess when mixing. We’ve thought of it all, so you can focus on making happy hour even happier. 

How’s it done? Just add 1.5 cups of a favorite alcohol to steep a custom flavored potion in days. Sip straight. Or add yummy extras to mix a custom cocktail:
Food Network’s Food.com serves up all of our custom craft cocktail recipes. Each kit makes up to 16 drinks.

MixCraft is simply

The best alcohol infusion kit around.

Here's why:

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Using the silicone funnel included with your kit, fill the bottle to the neck (about 1.5 cups) with your choice of spirit, leaving the included Potion Pouch submerged inside. Here at MixCraft, we love our Vodka—but Gin, Tequila, Rum, or Bourbon are great choices too. Or choose hot water for a custom alcohol-free beverage. 


Steep your bottle on the counter for 2 days or to taste. If the spirit moves you (See what we did there?) give it a little shake and a grin when you look at it to infuse it with even more love. Chill or freeze. If you like your liquor straight, stop right there, and sip (or shoot?) to enjoy. Feeling fancy? Take it to the next level, and swirl up a custom cocktail. Our Infusion Kit even provides the recipe for our Mix Wizard’s favorite creation. All recipes are available on Food Network’s Food.com site.


Re-infuse to craft a second batch ASAP, if desired. Your first infusion made 8 shots or the alcohol for 8 cocktails. The flavors of the second infusion may be less pronounced, but still as tasty. If re-infusing, we recommend doing so ASAP for the fullest flavor. When complete, discard the Potion Pouch.

1. Where is MixCraft made?

Proudly in the USA, of course! MixCraft HQ is in Birmingham, Alabama. MixCraft Potion Pouches are blended, filled, and bottled at Iron City Distillery in Leeds, Alabama.

2. I love the flavors! But are there more?

We are working on new MixCraft flavors all of the time. Sign up for our newsletter below to be notified when new flavors hit the shelves!

3. What do I infuse with my kit? Alcohol, water, what?

Pick your favorite! Here at MixCraft, we love our Vodka—but Tequila, Rum, or Bourbon are great choices too. Or choose hot water for a custom alcohol-free beverage. Chill before serving, of course.

4. How long does a kit last before I use it?

Kits last up to 24 months pre-infusion. Becuase of the moisture content in real vanilla beans, our Vanilla Bean Espresso kit lasts up to 12 months.

5. How many drinks can I expect to get from one kit?

One infusion makes 8 shots, or enough infused spirit to make 8 cocktails. All of our kits can be infused a second time, yielding 16 servings. Our Blueberry Lavender kit certainly can be infused twice, but you should expect the flavor and color to come out quite diluted. Blueberries just don't hold onto their blueberry goodness for long, we've found.

6. I noticed my newest mix tastes a bit different than the last. Why is that?

All natural products aren't made with a perfect chemical formula like Coca Cola. Just like your favorite Snapple, flavors may vary slightly due to the time the blueberries were harvested, or the exact crop of vanilla beans selected for your MixCraft bottle, for example. Rest assured the finest ingredients are there, doing their best to serve up flavor awesomeness!

7. Who is your extremely charming Mix Wizard?

Jared is the man. He's a legit Certified Mixologist, Master Distiller, and our cocktail inventor extraordinaire. Plus, he's an overall awesome bartender who has been known to mix up the perfect cocktail for someone he doesn't even know.

8. I'm a retailer. Can I sell MixCraft in my store?

Yes! We are represented by fine wholesale rep groups nationwide. Click here to get the details. We're also available to stores on the Faire.com platform. Or you can reach out to us here at HQ by shooting an email to wholesale@ocgproducts.com.

9. Why are there only 8 Frequently Asked Questions?

Agreed, it truly would be better if there were 10. But 8 was all we had.

10. Seriously? You couldn't think of 2 more?



Just fill with your favorite spirit